Paragon Lore Compilation

Note: This is a lore compilation that I have personally taken from in-game lore notes, skin descriptions, etc. Not everything listed (particularly concerning “The World and Setting” section) may be 100% correct. If there is anything that is incorrect, missing, etc. feel free to send me a message on Reddit (username – nictib).

The World and Setting


  • The battleground; used to be home to the Ashur (who are now extinct/missing)
  • Monolith represents the Dawn and Dusk of the Ashur and is (possibly) designed by the Ashur
  • Has many moons and vast orbital debris fields
  • “Some have spent lifetimes exploring the vast debris fields of Agora’s Great Orbital Ring.”

The three moons with an open seal

  • “Agora has many moons, but the Ashur have opened seals on only three: Zechin, Letha, and Omeda.”
  • “Until the seals were opened, all attempts to travel to Agora were met with disaster. Except for one.” — (popular theory is that Gideon is the exception.) 
  • Zechin: The moon teeming with deadly life
    • All manner of energies course through Zechin’s mineral-rich crust. If a spirit is strong, it may find a new life.
  • Letha: The moon home to many civilizations which bear little resemblance to that of their forebearers
  • Omeda: The moon that is mineral rich, but nutrient poor. The OPD (Omeda Police Department) is from here.

The Ashur

  • Apparently missing or extinct
  • Inhabited Agora and made Monolith
  • “The Ashur discovered many treasures within the moons — exotic elements and refined for countless applications.”
  • “A season dies, a wheel turns, a seal open. Thus, an end nears, so to, a beginning.” – Ashurite Engraving
  • “The Ashur are as wise as the are powerful. But it is not always so.”
  • “Ashurite engravings fetch a high price on the black markets of Letha.”

Monolith/The Battleground

  • Not much is known about Monolith, the battleground, or exactly why the heroes are fighting. Hopefully more is released about this in the future.

Other factions/creatures mentioned

  • The Vigilant (Serath related)
  • Ying Mei Cartel (Twinblast/Lt. Belica related)
  • The Mechanica (Gadget related)
  • Tryon Industries (Phase related)
  • Shangdi Empire
  • The Omeda Police Department (Lt. Belica/Murdock related)
  • Machines/Creatures: Gorzop, Demonox, Giga-Tanker, Jambakka

The Characters

Aurora – Ice Warrior (Letha)

  • She insists that each visitor drink tea, exchange gossip, and then fight her.
  • Her right arm does not belong to her.
  • Capsized the high sorcerer’s pleasure barge to see if he could swim.
  • “You’ve got fire in you, girl. You probably won’t survive it.” – Mother Magus
  • “Mother Magus, eat your damned heart out.” – Aurora

Countess – Vampire (Letha)

  • Remembers every meal she has ever had; taste, smell, and texture.
  • None have ever traveled to her lands, yet none doubt her claim to nobility.
  • Seeks that which is greater than herself, and she believes she has found it.
  • Loves a masquerade
  • Spills blood to perform rites.
  • Loves leather and lace.
  • “I’ve always loved wearing white. It goes so well with all the red.”
  • A great fire burns within Countess as numberless lives flow throughout her veins.
  • Courting her prey over the centuries, Countess has perfected the art of invitation.

Crunch – Robot Fighter (Omeda)

  • Shots to his hard drive have corrupted most memories. He is not sure which ones are real.
  • Feigns inactivity when being graffitied. He likes the attention.
  • Once KO’ed a Gorzop, a Demonox, and a Giga-Tanker with a single uppercut.
  • Likes to punch.
  • A bath in electrified chrome is a treat.
  • “I look like one million bucks!”
  • When challengers appear, Crunch activates Alpha Mode to issue a proper greeting.

Dekker – Explorer (Omeda)

  • Holds the record for most entries in the Exotic Locals Codex.
  • Respected by ally feared by many, loved by two.
  • Has a secret obsession with low budget holovids.
  • “Studies have shown that new expeditions require new uniforms.”
  • Has weathered the most hostile conditions.
  • Loves discovery.

Feng Mao – Former First Guardian; Old Monk (Letha)

  • Once ransacked an entire village searching for his pipe.
  • Has never worshipped the Jambakka, despite the pleas of his parents.
  • Denies the rumor that he “lost” three apprentices in a single day.
  • Participated in a pilgrimage test.
  • Discovered the Fires of Victory are no mere legend.
  • Joined the Winterfest Parade.
  • Though the hands may wield a blade and shield, the inner fire commands them.
  • Feng Mao was once First Guardian of the Emperor of Shangdi. He achieved the honor quite young and was supremely confident. Too confident in fact, because he took unnecessary risks, and almost cost the Emperor his life. Feng left the post under a cloud of shame, and wandered the land, growing in wisdom and patience, turning into the cranky old monk he is today. The title of First Guardian of the Emperor of Shangdi is now held by Yin. (Page)

Gadget – Mechanic/Inventor (Omeda)

  • Has a not-so-secret gambling addiction.
  • Enjoys the company of machines more than people.
  • Undecided about androids.
  • Joined the Mechanica at fifteen. Left it at sixteen.
  • “It’s time to get serious, Rosie. Gimme the red spray paint.”
  • “It’s usually a bad sign when my gear starts glowing. I’m sure this is fine.”
  • “The decorating part is a pain, but the end result? Worth it.”
  • Gears up for heavy combat, especially the kind involving Howitzer.
  • Had a relationship with Twinblast.

Gideon – Mysterious Mage (Letha)

  • Believes limits are for the meek.
  • On his sixth birthday, witnessed the death of a star. Fell in love.
  • Dekker suspects “Gideon” is not his true name.
  • “In the texts, Ashur initiates wore green robes to begin their studies. Seems fitting.”
  • As Gideon prevails, his implants twist deeper, igniting his body and soul.
  • The stars, like men, have their secrets. Sooner o later, they all confess.

Greystone – Warrior / Lord (Letha) [Sparrow’s uncle]

  • Ran from every fight, until he lost it all, and stood up.
  • Has imprisoned Sparrow many times.
  • Keeps a lock of black hair in his boot, but no one knows why.
  • “I’ve not worn this armor since my first campaign. Time to dust it off.” – Lord Greystone
  • “Like runesteel, hot from the forge! Glorious!” – Lord Greystone
  • Has white tiger armor to honor the beast that almost won.
  • Many trace their lineage to the creatures of myth. Few prove worthy. – Dragonlord armor
  • “We were strangers when we joined the fight for Agora. If we wish to rise as allies, we must learn from one another.” – Greystone

Grim.Exe – Imp (?) and Robot Duo – Grim (Zechin?) .Exe (Omeda)

  • Grim won .Exe in a crooked game of bone dice. Instructions were not included.
  • .Exe is able to extrapolate 73.2% of Grim’s speech.
  • Since he acquired .Exe, all of Grim’s debts have been forgiven.
  • According to the manual, .Exe should have detonated at critical mass. Grim can’t read.

Grux – Tribal Fighter (Zechin)

  • Has crushed the skull of every challenger in his tribe.
  • Still cannot defeat his grandmother in single combat.
  • Seeks the forgiveness of his Gods.
  • Wears war paint and a loin cloth.
  • Liquid flame rushes through Grux – a magic not seen since the time of the first songs.

Howitzer – Mech Suit wielding Raccoon (?) – (Omeda)

  • Published an article on grenades; theory, practice, and aesthetics.
  • Charged with destruction, mayhem, and defacing public property.
  • Installed a humidor in his mech.
  • Favorite team – Omeda City Shockwaves (black and blue team colors)
  • Fond of firepower and cigars

Iggy and Scorch – Pyromaniac Runts (Zechin)

  • Both were cast out as runts. Suits them just fine.
  • Scorch once ate all the molotovs, passed out, and burned down an orphanage.
  • Iggy thinks he is a dinosaur. Scorch disagrees.
  • Naturally happy.
  • “Raoooo.” – Scorch

Kallari – Assassin (Omeda)

  • Some believe she kills for pleasure.
  • Some believe she kills because she must.
  • Some believe neither of these are true.
  • “Now, I see.” – Kallari
  • “Recruits wear the light to earn the shadow.” – Instructor Liu
  • Went to the Winterfest potluck
  • “Sometimes it’s useful to strike fear in your target’s heart, then strike your dagger in the same place.” – Kallari’s journal. 

Khaimera – Possessed Hunter (Zechin)

  • Dwelled alone in the jungle alone since the age of thirteen.
  •  Has been worshipped as a vengeful nature god.
  • Does not speak unless he must.
  • “Power! Fire! Eternal!” – Khaimera
  • Slinking through the mangroves with axe in hand, the Khaimera craves the flesh of man.
  • Khaimera’s curse appears to torment him…but no axe can cut the tie that binds them.

Kwang – Legendary Sword Wielder (Letha)

  • Never utters the name of his sword in the hearing of others.
  • Believes in tradition and honoring one’s parents.
  • Completely trusting and often penniless.
  • Ultimate focus achieved, Kwang radiates the fire of creation.
  • When choosing an opponent, Kwang believes the sword knows best.

Lt. Belica – ODP Officer (Omeda)

  • Shot eleven times. Keeps five rounds in her desk, the other six in her bones.
  • Has a bounty on her head from the Ying Mei Cartel
  • Personal life in a flaming mess.
  • Iron diplomat body armor was a courtesy of the ODP Friendly Image Initiative.

Morigesh – Voodoo Spirit (Zechin?) [The Fey’s nemesis]

  • Awakens each dawn with her body frozen, and the cries of the dead on her tongue.
  • Only kills that which can speak.
  • Narbash once gave her a pet frog, she asked no questions.
  • Begins the ritual with clay from the earth and ashes from the fire. The days and nights will be long.
  • “There – deep in the Drowned Forest, near the rock where nothing grows, if you make it that far, there you will find it. But I will kill you if you do.” – Morigesh
  • Her forest was destroyed by The Fey and now she wants revenge.

Murdock – ODP Officer/Mercenary (Omeda)

  • Hasn’t worked with a partner since the “incident”
  • Never mention his wife.
  • Once suspended by Lt. Belica for hiding stun traps in the lavatory.
  • “Day 1 as a merc – can’t go out in my ODP blues.” – Murdock

Muriel – Cyborg (Omeda)

  • Long ago requested that her personality module be rewritten, but no longer knows why.
  • Has had many jokes explained to her, and has diligently noted that they were funny.
  • Can see infrared and ultraviolet, but not the full human spectrum.
  • Awoke in a lab.
  • “Until today, I have never known power.” – Muriel
  • Her body – a concert of circuits, alloys, and mana-treated polymers. Her soul – a mystery.

Narbash – War Drummer (Letha/Zechin?)

  • Once turned an actual battle into a dance battle through inspired drumming.
  • Ancient sculptures have been found that look just like him.
  • At least 600 people believe they are his best friend. They may all be correct.
  • “War paint? Ha! This is party paint!” – Narbash
  • A tribe-loving ogre.
  • Better stand back from Narbash when the beat takes control.

Phase – Psychic (Omeda)

  • Not okay with all her powers, but is learning to live with them.
  • Had a surprisingly happy childhood.
  • Discovered Shinbi.
  • “See, Shinbi – I own several articles of non-black clothing. Victory is mine. You owe me 20 credits.” – Phase
  • “Prolonged use of the subject’s powers causes her eyes and any contacting metal to superheat. Consider applications.” – Dr. Maximov’s log 2340347-A
  • “Midnight Masquerade at Omedaworld… That was a good show.” – Phase
  • She persuaded Shinbi to use her magic powers to become Omeda’s hottest hit sensation. (Link)
  • Phase began to exhibit powers at a young age and was sent to Tryon Industries for special “care.” When the other subjects staged a break out, she joined the cause. Once free, she hid her powers blending in with everyday life in Omeda City, until that is, she was led to Agora. (Link)

Rampage – Escaped Creature (Zechin)

  • Prefers a raw diet
  • Enjoys camping in the wilderness.
  • A gifted storyteller.
  • Radiates primal heat, like the fireblood of Zechin’s mountains.
  • All manner of energies course through Zechin’s mineral-rich crust. If a spirit is strong, it may find a new life.

Revenant – Possessed bounty hunter (Omeda/Letha)

  • Formerly known as Jedidiah Sparks.
  • Always finds what he is looking for, and then kills it.
  • Born on Omeda, possessed on Letha.
  • Carries a bullet engraved witha woman’s name.
  • Cloaked in a duster he has worn for centuries.
  • “If the Ghost of the Wasteland drinks its fill, no force in the moons can stop the killing.” – Father Sparks
  • “I’ve got all day. You don’t.” – Revenant
  • Official lore video

Riktor – Chain Warden (Omeda)

  • Inmates learn to listen for the sound of chains.
  • Enjoys soft music during long torture sessions.
  • Has a true passion for the detention industry.
  • Cyborg body with a 2 on his forehead.
  • “Time to greet the new inmates! First impressions are important.” – Riktor
  • “For years, I’ve welcomed souls to hell. At last, I look the part.” – Riktor

Serath – Paladin with an inner evil (Letha)

  • The Vigilant expected the Rite of Atonement to kill her. So did she.
  • Can only remember her childhood when she surrenders to Heresy.
  • Fears that she will commit crimes for which there is no redemption.
  • She was engaged in a battlefield fight when Sevarog killed her team, yet left her alive. She wants revenge.
  • Is (perhaps, was) a Vigilant Guardian
  • “Not a single ounce of gold is unstained by blood.” – Brother Gavin
  • Has a suit of “futuristic” armor from a strange craftsman from “far away”.
  • Serath treats the condemned with the utmost courtesy.

Sevarog – Death Incarnate (Origin unknown/Netherworld? The Void?)

  • Waits in the dark with timeless patience.
  • Does not sleep.
  • Looks forward to the signs that herald his end.
  • “A fire grows the more it is fed, consuming all in its path.” – The Book of the Vigilant.
  • Peers into the Void, all-seeing without eyes.

Shinbi – Shaman Pop Star (Letha –> Omeda)

  • Has difficulty hiring event staff due to wolf-related injuries
  • Remixes and performs ancient songs, but saves her mother’s favorite for herself.
  • Receives a simple protection charm on every birthday. Thinks it’s from her sister.
  • Kwang’s sister.
  • As a girl on Letha, Shinbi snuck away to the city for the Emperor’s coronation. She liked the dancers best.
  • “Worlds apart, I remember your name. When your light goes dark, I carry the flame.” -Shinbi

Sparrow – Rogue Archer (Letha) [Greystone’s niece]

  • As a child, practiced the bow until her fingers bled, then practiced some more.
  • Has been imprisoned many times.
  • Loves the hunt more than the kill.
  • “Dearest niece, I am very proud of you, but you are still going to prison.” – A letter from Greystone.
  • Few travel from Letha to Zechin, and fewer survive for long. Those who do are changed forever.
  • When Sparrow dons her hood and disappears into the forest, at least one of Greystone’s caravans will meet with financial calamity

Steel – Cyborg Guardian (Omeda)

  • Understands the concept of mercy, just not as it applies to him.
  • First memory is the bay doors opening in low orbit.
  • Though many follow, denies being a leader.
  • Has armor and carbon flesh.
  • Steel dons white armor, first worn in solidarity with Muriel’s cause. (Skin desc.)
  • “I have become war.” – Steel
  • First to guard the highest temple.

The Fey – Forest Spirit (Zechin?) [Morigesh’s nemesis]

  • Believes that the purpose of all living things is to die, and feed the land.
  • More curious than the other Fey, thus she was chosen.
  • Loves all her “children”.
  • Morigesh hates The Fey for her actions against Morigesh’s forest.
  • The power of Agora courses through leaf and stem, filling The Fey with a brilliant light.
  • Those that take root in the Elderpool with shine as brightly as the water they drink.
  • Even in the darkest days of winter, The Fey keeps watch.
  • “Grow. Die. Grow again. So it flows.” – The Fey

Twinblast – Rogue (Omeda)

  • Denies any affiliation with the Ying Mei Cartel, but drinks on their tab.
  • Has talked his way out of at least five executions.
  • Is pretty sure that he is a father.
  • Had a relationship with Gadget.

Yin – First Guardian (Letha) [Related to Aurora/Feng Mao in some way]

  • Walks the palace walls before dawn, imagining the city in ruins.
  • The youngest warrior since Feng Mao to become First Guardian.
  • The documents affirming her bloodline are exceptional forgeries.
  • Completed the Trials.
  • “Many young soldiers died in the Gauntlets, each one hoping to become the First Guardian. I barely survived it.” – Feng Mao
  • “Don’t toy with them, Yin! I’m trying not to laugh.” – Aurora